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HLW's sustainability consultancy, BEYOND, pursues certifications, consults on ESG programs, and prioritizes decarbonization efforts to ensure our clients' projects meet the highest sustainability standards.
Taking a break in nature: colleagues enjoying a sunny day on a modern office building’s green rooftop terrace.

With over 50 million square feet of certified sustainable space, we are leaders in creating dynamic, high-performance projects that drive long-term impact and value.

What We Do

BEYOND is a team of sustainability experts dedicated to enhancing the built environment through comprehensive sustainability and wellness initiatives. We specialize in managing and achieving certification goals across various third-party rating systems like LEED, WELL, Fitwel, and Zero Carbon. Our services extend to technical assistance for decarbonization towards net zero emissions, implementation of ESG frameworks to future-proof corporations, and integration of biophilic design to improve human health outcomes.

How We Do It

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding that sustainability is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We work closely with each client’s teams to tailor sustainability frameworks that are customized, research-backed, and scalable. By employing advanced energy modeling analyses and leveraging the latest in analytical and software tools, we identify and enhance energy efficiency measures early in the design process. Our collaborative method ensures that every project we undertake is geared towards meeting the unique sustainability and wellness goals of our clients, ensuring their journey towards sustainability is successful and impactful across all markets and sectors.

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Sustainability + Wellness Certifications


ESG Consulting

Biophilic Design

Energy Modeling

Custom Sustainability Framework

Casual, modern workspace with hanging plants and minial white furniture. People are working on laptops or reading.
Modern office space bustling with activity, featuring employees engaged in various tasks, with an interior design that incorporates glass partitions, wooden floors, and ample lighting.
Modern office building with an outdoor seating area featuring wood slat accents, where people engage in casual conversation.
“Our projects exemplify the future of sustainable architecture—spaces that not only respect the planet but actively try to repair it. With every design, we set new benchmarks for sustainability, advancing the industry toward a healthier, more resilient world.”
Portrait of Jonce Walker

Jonce Walker, LEED AP CSBA Fitwel Ambassador

Principal, Director of BEYOND

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New York, NY

Contemporary office break room with vibrant blue egg chairs, sleek white high-top tables, and people in casual conversation. Textured columns with purple accents complement the neutral-toned flooring and wooden slatted ceiling design.


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