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HLW's tech spaces are flexible and future-ready, shaped by our anticipation of the industry’s rapid evolution and advancement.

Designing tech workplaces demands innovation.

At HLW, we adopt an iterative design process— mirroring the creativity of our clients—by rapidly exploring, sharing, and realizing ideas. This approach is fueled by curiosity and a broad understanding of technology’s evolving role in our profession and society.

“Our approach to these types of workplaces emphasizes innovation and flexibility, mirroring the way our clients think about their own work. Each space is a result of deep curiosity and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what design is now and could be in the future.”
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Louise Sharp, LEED AP


Technology Sector Highlights


workspaces are key for supporting collaboration, experimentation, and agile workflows.


design with its varied zones like collaboration areas and quiet spaces, lets employees choose environments that enhance productivity and well-being.


integration leads to employees demonstrating higher levels of focus and problem-solving skills.

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Roku Manchester

Manchester, UK

Modern office lobby with a minimalist reception desk, flanked by two white chairs. Vibrant magenta glass panels create a dynamic backdrop, while sleek, geometric light fixtures add a contemporary touch overhead. The design fosters an airy and welcoming atmosphere.


Santa Monica, CA

Modern office cafeteria with exposed ceiling, featuring sleek white furniture and vibrant purple accent walls. The space is well-lit, promoting a clean and energizing atmosphere for break-time refreshment.

Roku Cambridge

Cambridge, UK

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