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HLW designs buildings that tell our clients’ stories, resonate with people, and protect the environment.
Golden hour descends on a bustling metropolitan skyline, casting warm light and long shadows among the forest of glass and steel skyscrapers.

Architecture has been the cornerstone of HLW’s work for over a century, with a legacy of innovative and transformative designs.

Our firm’s agile and collaborative process, enhanced by a global network and extensive resources, enables us to deliver exceptional architectural solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. From intimate spaces to large-scale urban developments, HLW approaches every project with a deep commitment to aesthetic excellence, functional efficiency, and sustainable practices. Our designs aim to inspire, engage, and endure, ensuring that every structure not only meets current demands but also anticipates future needs and challenges. This holistic approach allows HLW to create spaces that truly transform the human experience across every scale and location.

A person walks their dog on a city sidewalk, with traffic blurring by, in the shadow of towering skyscrapers and modern high-rise buildings under a clear sky.
Urby at Harborside
Aerial view of modern waterfront buildings basking in the golden light of sunset with a city skyline in the background.
Modern commercial building with elegant columns and large windows illuminated at twilight, with the urban life's streaks of light from passing cars on the bustling street.
“We craft spaces that balance timelessness with innovation, creating environments where technology and human creativity achieve new heights. Our designs anticipate the future, ensuring adaptability and excellence at every scale.”
Portrait of John Gering

John Gering, FAIA

Managing Partner

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New Jersey skyline with central focus on Urby building

Urby at Harborside

Jersey City, NJ

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