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Residential & Mixed Use

We design multi-family residential and mixed-use projects to be sustainable, wellness-oriented, and sensitive to local culture.

Our residential design philosophy starts with purpose, always putting future occupants and their needs at the forefront—be it social equity, wellness, sustainability, or resiliency.

Including the broader community, we begin each project by exploring how our buildings can connect with and enhance the local culture and context.

Modern skyscraper at dusk with reflective glass facade and prominent geometric lines, featuring a juxtaposed lower structure with a triangulated design element, showcasing contemporary architectural innovation in an urban setting.
“Social equity, wellness, sustainability, and resiliency are essential for designing residential and mixed-use spaces that bring safety, dignity and enjoyment to urban living.”
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Principal, Managing Director NY

Provost Square, Jersey City, NJ

Residential & Mixed Use Sector Highlights

1 foot

That’s how high sea levels are expected to rise by 2050, according to NOAA.

60.4 million

U.S households actively used smart home devices.

AIA 2030

and other programs, policies, and laws like it are driving residential and mixed-use structures towards carbon neutrality.

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Modern waterfront residential buildings with reflective glass facades and staggered balconies overlooking a calm river, harmoniously integrated into the urban landscape.

1425 Hudson

Hoboken, NJ

Modern mixed-use development rendering featuring a street-level commercial space with sleek glass facades beneath residential buildings of contrasting red brick and dark metal cladding. Lush green planters add a touch of nature to the urban environment.

Urby Journal Square

Jersey City, NJ

Modern two-story residential building with geometric lines, featuring a combination of clean white facade and warm wood paneling. Balconies with glass railings enhance the open design, while the landscaped entrance complements the structure's minimalist aesthetic.

1512 Euclid

Santa Monica, CA

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