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Interior Design

Our unique discovery process dives into understanding our clients' missions and user needs, enabling us to deliver creatively designed spaces that enhance living, learning, work, and play.
Modern office common area with employees collaborating and relaxing on tiered wooden seating steps, surrounded by sleek architectural features and ample natural light.

Tailored Interior Solutions

At HLW, our interior design practice is defined by a robust discovery process that deeply explores each client’s mission, the people involved, and their future aspirations.

This initial phase is essential for grasping not only the functional requirements but also the unique essence of every project. Armed with this insight, our designers blend contemporary design with practical functionality to create spaces that are visually compelling, comfortable, versatile, and sustainable. Each space, whether a workplace, classroom, trading floor, or lab, is thoughtfully designed to be versatile and purpose-driven, reflecting our clients’ highest hopes and enhancing their brand identity. Our focus remains on crafting interior spaces that are profoundly shaped by their users and are timeless in both their look and feel, ensuring they stand out in today’s market and serve the needs of tomorrow.

A man in casual attire enjoys a moment of solitude with his laptop on a sleek, modern bench in a stylishly minimalist cafe, flanked by potted green plants.
Modern office space featuring a sleek staircase with a person descending, lush green plants at the base, and an it hub counter with an attendant in the background.
“We translate client vision into interior designs that are both sustainable and striking. Our approach is to simplify the complex, ensuring every space not only meets but exceeds expectations.”
Portrait of John Mack

John Mack, AIA, FIIDA

Senior Partner, Global Design Director

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A modern office lobby featuring a recessed ceiling with wooden slats, marble stairs with glass railings, and seating areas with cityscape views.

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