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The image displays a man with a cheerful expression and neatly styled hair, dressed in a blue shirt and a dark textured coat. He stands with a slight lean forward, against a backdrop of blurred natural elements and daylight, giving the impression of a comfortable and inviting workspace.

Currie Gardner


Job Title: Associate Principal, Senior Interior Designer


Currie Gardner, Senior Designer, collaborates closely with our clients to understand their needs and crafts tailored solutions. His project experience includes a variety of high-end corporate projects with diverse clientele, ranging from the financial to technology sectors.


All Work
A modern office lobby featuring a recessed ceiling with wooden slats, marble stairs with glass railings, and seating areas with cityscape views.

Venable LLP

New York, NY

Spacious, modern interior features tiered wooden seating with people casually scattered, engaging in discussions and work. Above, a white industrial ceiling with exposed ductwork contrasts starkly with the warm-toned flooring and matte black partitions, highlighting a contemporary, collaborative workspace design.

Kering Americas

Wayne, NJ

Modern lobby with floor-to-ceiling windows providing ample natural light, accentuating the clean lines of the minimalist furniture. The space features warm wood paneling and geometric lighting, creating an inviting yet sophisticated ambiance suitable for professional interactions or casual meetings.

Investment Client

New York, NY

Spacious modern office with polished wooden floors, featuring a mix of classic and contemporary furniture and a striking cactus.

BBDO New York

New York, NY

Elegantly lit translucent stone paneling flanks the entrance to a modern conference center, contrasting with a minimalistic matte wall bearing the center's signage. The warm glow adds ambience, harmonizing with the reflective flooring while highlighting adjacent artwork.

Financial Institution

New York, NY

Modern office breakout area featuring vibrant blue upholstered booths, white surfaces, and frosted glass partitions. Strategic lighting accents the space while framed artwork adds a creative touch.

Capital One West Creek

Richmond, VA

Reception area featuring minimalist design with a sleek, marble desk, warm wooden wall slats, and dynamic chevron-patterned flooring. Recessed lighting accentuates a textured feature wall and contemporary art adds a pop of color.

Piper Sandler New York

New York, NY

Modern office breakroom featuring natural light, sleek white surfaces, wooden slats ceiling detail, and pops of color from blue upholstered furniture and hexagonal wall art.

Global Atlantic Financial Group

Multiple Global Locations

Modern conference room showcasing floor-to-ceiling glass walls, ergonomic black office chairs surrounding a sleek, rectangular meeting table, and dynamic geometric wooden sculptures adding an artistic focal point against the urban skyline background.

Dechert LLP New York

New York, NY